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Brit graduates works in a unique & exceptional way which is the ultimate way for its success.we provide help to our client at every single step in any of academic matter. we provide work to students step by step so they can be able to develop the better understanding. this way makes us a unique & professional in industry. we also provide face to face in person consultation to the students, or online consultation via Skype if needed.


Abstract is the gist/short summary which presents a clear view of the whole dissertation normally 250-300 words. This is also play a vital role to get the reader attention. reader can get the idea from the abstract what the topic is all about.


Typically Introduction throws the light on the, history, background, aims and sets the objective of the research. The crucial part in the introduction some students go beyond or non related discussion. Britgadautes have the experienced writers who will be to help in most concise & detailed way.

Literature review

Literature review normally explore the existing literature on the selected topic. The most crucial part which plays a vital role students often get confused which paper or research is close to their topic. Britgraduates writers help the students what to include in the literature review.

Research Methodology

This part of the dissertation could be complicated as most the students get confused and ultimately lose their marks which they deserve by choosing wrong methodology. It could be a qualitative, or quantitative research, where as few dissertation includes both of them. Our expert writer are to help the students in a right way so they can secure their better grades and understanding.

Data collection & analysis

Data collection is considered the most daunting & challenging part for the selected topic. It is often has been seen students struggle with the data collection. As sometimes they don't have access or know how with different latest software's e.g. Reuters Xtra etc. Analysiscomes after which also could be a panic for the students especially if someone is strugglingwith the quantitative research methods. Our writers can provide help in SPSS, Eviews, Nvivo,Reuters etc.


After analysis the next part is the discussion in which reader wants that how the candidate has related his piece of work with the work previously done. Conclusion & implications is such a short part of the dissertation but worth more than that for the reader. our expert writers provide the full help in this part of the dissertation.

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